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I was on 200mg for about 3 years. Zoloft helped me the most with the least amount of side effects, it was kind of a tradeoff, I had tried many meds and I decided I had to take something, so I found Zoloft worked out best for me. I got much, much better for over a year and came off all my meds completely, this year I've gone back on my meds but I can't seem to get past 50mg of Zoloft. Each time I raise the dose I become VERY anxious and jittery. Don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me or it just isn't working the same as it used to. Now, I was on 200mg but it wasn't like that completely eradicated all my anxiety. I still had to take valium on an as needed basis. My side effects at 200mg included some sexual side effects and a sort of blase attitude, like I wasn't as motivated about anything as I should be. Of course, your mileage WILL vary, as meds, and these meds in particular, work differently for different people. I will say, however, that there is some research that indicates that doses of Zoloft above 100mg offer no additional benefit for panic patients, but as usual, that's one study and you know how that goes!