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i am a 30 year old female. Five years ago I had an episode where I had tremendous pressure, ringing in my ears and fluctuating hearing loss. It got progressively worse over a few days to where I started getting dizzy and could not stop throwing up. Went to er and told I had vertigo. It got better over the next few weeks and I haven't had any problems until this past December the same exact thing happened. Except it is now June, and has not completely gone away. I have good and bad days. Some days I hear perfect and feel normal :bouncing: and others all I hear is a loud roaring and occasionally get dizzy. The ent did an ENG and said my ear is functioning at 53% and told me I have meneire's. He told me to watch my salt intake and take valium. I have 2 young children so I cannot take valium and properly care for them. I am completely frustrated and don't know what else to do. I just had a week of feeling great to only wake up this morning to ringing and can barely hear. Also, had an mri per my family dr. Ears look fine but an inactive spot showed up on the left side of my brain, which drs say it is completely unrelated to my ears. great!!!! :rolleyes:
Has anyone else had anything similar????
I need someone to relate to.
Sorry this was so long
You should check on the sticky at the top of the forum, there is a great video section where they explain about Meniere's, besides of a lot written information about it.

And as dreadful as it is, it's a quite manageable condition, through diet and change of lifestyle. As a matter of fact medication is only taken for the symptoms(valiums and such), but mostly a salt intake control and other stuff like that, should keep your problems to a minimum.

Most of the people here, including me, have experienced similar symptoms like yours, because vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss are quite connected with a vestibular loss.

The difference with Meniere's is that it presents specific symptoms particular to the disease, like episodic and strong attacks, and in some cases hearing loss, and pretty much a normal state between attacks.

As I mentioned, from what I've read, diet and a slight change in lifestyle should keep the attacks to a minimum, so you should be able to carry on with your life, as soon as this gets under control.

Hope you get better soon