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ok for the record this is just how i reacted to it so please do not let it scare you off if you or your DR thinks it may help you..

I HATE valium i have never felt so sick and out of it in my life while on it.. the Dr played with my dose to try and find a dose where i wasnt feeling drugged and sick but no luck.. it took me a goood 4 days after quitting it and going back on the xanax to feel normal again..

i guess something i should mention is i have MS on top of my anxiety and though i find it hard to believe my DR said that sometimes people with MS will feel the side effect of some meds more then others.. ture/false i dont know... but my Dr is pretty informed about things like this.. so i am betting that is why i had such a bad exp. with the valium and why i have zero side effects with the xanax.. anyway that my update/mini-rant.. so i guess i am just going to stick with the xanax.. Dr agrees its probably the best option for me..
thanks! i am doing much better again now that i am back on a med that just works for me.. but heck i figured the valium was worth a try.. who knows it could have given me the best results over all the others but that just wasnt the case sadly.. but how would i have know if i didnt try.. it did make me a little freaked out about trying a different med again any time soon but i am sure ill get over that in time..

i was addicted (or dependent) on ativan for 7 years. i recently completed a taper using valium while following the ashton manual. at the beginning, i too hated the valium, was terribly sedated and never thought i could continue. i was very determined and stuck it out as i began to feel alot better as i got lower and lower on the valium. you have to really want this or i would say forget it. yes, valium is nothing like ativan or xanax, but when your body becomes accustomed to it, it is doable. i am now 4 months benzo free with not a panic attack in sight, and no more interdose withdrawal symptoms after a 5 months taper.
Sorry to hear the valium didn't work for you. I find it ok, when I first started taking it, it made me feel high and I hated it, but it worked to calm me so when I need it I take it, these days it just helps me not worry about the symptoms of anxiety I am having at the time, tonight, cant swallow and heart pulps, so I had a valium and I feel better

take care

Over the years, I found xanax to be very effective for insomnia and anxiety. I still decided to switch to valium, as it's not as strong. I also bought
Hyland's Insomnia pills, which are peppermint and homeopathic.
So at night, I let 3 insomnia pills dissolve under my tongue and I just fall asleep. In fact, I just ordered more. I still take 10mg of valium if I wake up, and I usually do, around 4am. So I have not had a xanax for over a month.
I take 1,000mg of Tryptophan , one in the am and one before bed for anxiety and mild depression. After 20 years on xanax I am Very surprised I was able to simply stop them cold turkey by switching to valium. My only effect from doing this is I cry unexpectedly! Not in public, but when alone. Just briefly.
But I feel better now emotionally than when on xanax. I guess it is just too strong or something. I have not felt anxious during the day for a month except for very mildly once or twice ; then I took the 10mg of valium.
i guess i really am the odd man out here... but its actually good to hear valium works well for most people.. i guess this topic just reinforces the statement that "everyones system is so different in the way they react to meds"..

BTW: where can you find those Hyland's Insomnia pills? just any local vitamin/whole foods store? sounds like something i could use some nights when i just cant fall asleep..
since they are homeopathic i am guessing they are not addicting like some of the OTC sleeping pills?