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i have had over 16 mRIs i my life so far and with some i have had no problems but others,I have experienced some of what you described.the contrasted ones seemed to bring out this crap even more.

Just a suggestion here,but since i also have a huge problem with some neuro crap that will just suddenly make me move during the actual MRI and we know that it is a big no no to actually even twitch while they are shooting the films,my primary Rxed me some valium to try and take about a half hour before the actual MRI and that really seemed to help alot.some of what you may be experiencing could just actually be stemming from a certain level of anxiety.even if you are not actually claustrophic,just being inside that tube with all that incredible level of loud noises can really have an affect on you in ways you are probably not even aware of.trying the valium next time might help you out alot with this.i know it did for me.

i also will always ask for a blanket and then kind of lay it over me up to my chest and then kind of wrap my arms up in it basically so they just wont move on their own.but this also seems to offer some strange sort of comfort for me too.just some thoughts just incase you have to go thru one again.these little things really helped me to endure all of the many many rad procedures I have had to have.they will never ever just stop for me and I will continue to have to have the MRIs done at certain intervals just for monitoring purposes of my c spine damage.soo ya just have to learn to adapt and this is what really helps me to do that anyway.good luck,FB