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Hey Linda, Sorry your feeling bd. YCould you be more specific,about what your feeling. Opiate withdrawal is not the same as Benzo withdrawal. Although both miserable, there are some suttle differences.

Honestly that's not a large dose and ativan is a short acting med, Because everyone is so different there are folks that wouldn't feel a thing steppng down at that rate and their are folks that are going to have a really hard time DCing a benzo. From what I have been trying to learn about benzo's is that the normal method of withdrawal is to go to a long acting med with a long half life, Valium has a 200-300 hour half life. It's almost like a self tapering med because it stays in your system so long, Klonopin is probably used just as often because of the availablity of small dose increments,decreasing .125 mgs at a time Is the norm. This is done once they convert the short acting to the long lasting to allow less frequent dosing. You should really talk to your doc because it can be miserable for some people and it doesn't half to be.

Take care, Dave