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Hi, I started the Emsam patch in the last week. I must confess, being very leary about the side effects, I am currently cutting the patch into smaller but equal pieces as a precaution until I feel OK with this med. My doctor is giving me samples, so yes, it is available to Psych docs as samples. I am taking it for SA (Social Anxiety disorder) not for depression although many times my SA causes such dysfunction and stress in my life that I sometimes feel depressed. The one thing that stands out so far, in the few days I have been on such a small dosage( 1/4 of a 6 mg patch= 2 mg/day) is that I have insomnia. Even my valium, which I would sometimes take when woke up in the middle of the night, is not working on this stubborn insomnia. So I have been averaging about about 5 hours sleep now and I have been waking up a little later than usual. Fortunately I don't need to wake up early. I am now taking the patch off at about 6:30 pm and putting it back on in the morning. This seems to have helped- because at first I was awake almost the entire night, now at least I can sleep most of the night. I always felt I was more sensitive to meds side effects, which may or may not be true. But I tried many of the SSRIs in the past, mainly for my co-existing hoarding OCD disorder and I found that no matter how low a dosage I took, the SSRS's would cause me to sleep up to 16 hours a day! So they were just not a practical option for me. Since both the SA and OCD are about equally as debilitating in my life, I am very determined to find the correct mix of medication and therapy to help me. I will try share my experiences on Emsam over the next few weeks and would love to hear from others who are using it. The full 6 mg patch is supposed to bring results in 2 weeks.
Thanks for sharing! I have social/general anxiety too, so I know what you're going through, although I'm actually interested in EMSAM for its antidepressant properties. While my anxiety does cause me to be unhappy at times, I also am prone to major depressive episodes, unprovoked by SAD or GAD. I think that stimulants are good for people with SAD. It gives you the energy to be more social. I know I used to feel horribly drained of energy after social encounters and always felt the need to recouperate. So I'd say stick it out as long as possible. The valium will help calm you down, the EMSAM with give you the stamina you need to get out and stay out and interactive in this crazy world we live in!

I sympathize with the insomnia as well. It's terrible to deal with, but you seem to be doing OK. If it doesn't subside, I woudn't hesistate to ask you pdoc for a sleeping med. Unfortunately, sometimes side effects do need to be treated with additional medications in order to keep the primary ones on board. Does your doctor have high hopes for EMSAM or any other patients on it? If it helps with your quality of life, keep trying for new and better medications that will help you be at your best!

Please update with your progression. I'd love to hear it!
Have you ever taken a stimulant before? It seems like you're pretty sensitive.

Did your pdoc consider giving you an actual sleeping med, rather than have you just take Valium? It's probably worth considering.

Do you normally have any symptoms of depression? Do you think this is helping with mood at all?
I've never taken a prescription stimulant before. I do know from history that caffeine wires me up. I couldn't take Midol years ago, since it would drive me up a wall(I think it has caffeine in it). Antihistamines in cold meds did the same.
I honestly didn't even know that the Emsam was a stimulant. My pdoc just knew that I couldn't handle the SSRIs, and told me the patch helps with Social Anxiety Disorder. I was (and still am) worried about warnings not to take it if there is history of Mania. I have at least three generations of family members who are Bipolar and my sister needs to take anti-psychotics. - so the genetic predisposition is there, and apparently the EMSAM can trigger it. But my pdoc told me to trust him, since I have no personal history of it myself.
I'm seeing my pdoc tomorrow, and I'll let him know about my hyper state.
I have never been diagnosed as depressed, although I know I have definitely been depressed at times.
The thing is -I can't really tell if my depressed phases were due to situational issues-like relationship breakups or whether my hyper state right now has to do with some very severe social/financial problems that have cropped up recently, which are totally consuming me right now.
My inability to sleep might also have a lot to do with the stressful situations I am now experiencing. I was pacing in my driveway for 2 hours this morning, thinking about some jerk who is intentionally trying to piss me off at work-and he's obviously succeeding.
People have told me at times in the past that I've seemed depressed.
As for sleep aids- I've taken Ambien in the past for insomnia, but it only worked for a few days and then I would become totally dependent on it. (When I would try to get off it after 3 days of it working great, I'd find I couldn't sleep one wink without it.) I do think Ambien is a wonderful sleep aid for the occasional need to get a full night's sleep before some important day but not for on a regular basis. I never woke up groggy from it.
I asked the pdoc for Ambien when I was trying the SSRIs, but he said that I don't need Ambien if I am taking the Valium.
And I don't want to go without the Valium since I feel it helps me. It works immediately (within 10 minutes) for my anxiety. I also take the beta-blocker Inderol on occasion when I need it - an hour before situational anxiety, like when I know I have be assertive with someone who is intimidating, or when I might need to speak in front of a group, or to an authority figure.
I do have a strong feeling the EMSAM patch could help people with depression. I don't feel at all depressed-I actually feel like I'm ready to "take on the world" right now, with all the energy I have now on the patch-but I still have anxiety.
That is very interesting, Jealibeanz. My pdoc wanted to put me on an anti-narcoleptic/stimulant med to counteract the 16 hour/day I slept on SSRIs. I wonder if he had Provigil in mind. At the time, I thought it was a crazy idea and I refused to take a med for a condition I would not normally have if I wasn't on those SSRIs. But now I find myself taking the stimulant, EMSAM patch, and continue to have the severe insomnia. I saw my pdoc yesterday and he did acknowledge that EMSAM can cause insomnia, but he believes there is something I can take to counteract it. He's going to get back to me in 2 weeks. For the time being, he advised I take the Valium at bedtime. I took more than 5mg Val. last night and slept for a few hours, but then I was up again half the night and gave up trying to sleep by 5 am. Tonight I will take the full 10 mg.
I have also suffered from seasonal depression. Have you ever tried the light therapy for it? Is it covered by medical insurance? I think I will take a vacation this winter-even if it means for a just weekend somewhere down South.
I also told the pdoc about my hyper state from the EMSAM and he acknowleged that the EMSAM can cause Mania.
We agreed that I should stay on the meds for the time being since it might help my SAD. (Social anxiety disorder). But either way, having to take SSRIs and a stimulant, or taking EMSAM and a sleep enhancer, -both seem unacceptable to me in the long run.
There has to be a better solution!!
Yeah, it's so very hard to get it right with the meds. As for your sleeping too much-It's definitely not a good thing to be in bed all day. I think I'd rather have my insomnia and anxiety, although that's been really super tough, too. I've taken Xanax in the past and found it didn't do enough for me;hence, now I take the Valium. The Valium had helped me enormously to get thru some very bad times and I couldn't care less what some people think about taking sedatives. Let them walk one mile in my shoes and they'll think differently about it. The diazapam (Val) has a longer half life, so it stays in the system longer, which is fine with me. I also know people who take Klonopin for anxiety and are satisfied with it. It comes in a wafer form, and I believe a bite of it can be taken as-needed....Although, I'm sure you are familiar with a lot of this info already. I just rented several DVDs tonight, One is "I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can". It's a true-life story about a woman who becomes hopelessly dependent on tranquilizers. Not that I'm at all dependent on the Valium, but I just thought it would be interesting to watch.
I finally fell asleep this evening, I was so tired from not sleeping well for a few weeks now. Of course now that means I will not be able to fall asleep again until very late tonight, but I FINALLY feel rested.
My level of functioning has been at a low for a long time now. also.
I can empathize with your hesitation to be fully open with your doctor. I am struggling with the same difficulty. Maybe it's my Social Anxiety, although your GAD (Generalized Anxiety) must be even harder to deal with than just the SAD. I know someone on BuSpar for panic attacks, but you said you tried Buspar and Effexor, and had to stop SSRIs due to side effects. I read up a little on the Strattera you are currently on- it is a NON-Stimulant for ADHD. But If you are so very depressed and sleeping so much you might really want to talk again to your doc about getting on an stimulant anti-depressant, like EMSAM, and even possibly discuss an alternative to the Xanax, if upping the dosage is not an alternative. If you have the reaction that I've had so far on the EMSAM, you might lose weight instead of gaining like with the SSRIs. I hear the patch is very expensive but as long as I get the free samples I can continue to try it out. I don't have prescription coverage with my med insurance plan. The Diazapam (Valium) is no problem- its super cheap, about 5dollars for one month supply. Thankfully, my pdoc has no hesitation prescribing it for me, like other general docs would.

Getting back to depression- I read today that many people suffer from end-of-Summer blues which provokes depression and anxiety. Apparently it's a very common occurance. Also read there is a 13-part series called "Healthy Minds" that's airing Sunday, 11:30 pm on WLIW/21. I believe this is a local TV station, but it must also be airing on other channels. Mike Wallace from "60 minutes" will talk in depth about his personal bouts of depression and attemped suicide.
Well I stopped the Straterra. I'm on Provigil now for the sleepiness and no longer experiencing the constant sleepiness. Do you find Valium to be more sedating that Xanax? It's supposed to be. Hence, its use for minor surgeries.

The EMSAM would be a good idea for stimulation. I don't think I need anymore, but maybe could lower the Provigil if I add EMSAM. I doubt I'd get EMSAM anytime soon. My doc seems to only make one change at a time. Smart, but hard when I want to better NOW! :)

Probably, he'd suggest either raising the Xanax or lowering the Provigil. We didn't discess depression at the last visit, even though it had been an issue at the one two weeks before. Kinda strange. I'd definitely have to be very specific about it. Even then, I don't think he'd make too many changes. So addressing depression at the next visit would have to push the other concerns further down the list.
Sorry about that, Jealibeanz. I knew you were now on Provigil, I must have been still exhausted when I last posted. I'm glad it is working for your sleepiness. It seems that people with mental illnesses -like with the anxiety disorders/depression/etc -they usually have co-existing conditions. I have hoarding OCD, possibly OCPD, SAD (Social Anxiety), occasional depression, as well as some other related OCD/anxiety conditions. Fortunately, my pdoc is well aware of such comorbidity, and we discuss them at each sesssion. Even though my pdoc has a file on me, he is seeing so many patients so I like to remind him to ensure he best treat me for my particular mix of disorders. It is genuinely hard for me to talk to him, which is partly due to my SAD, which causes me to have a fear of speaking to authority figures, such as doctors.
I can completely understand your fear of not wanting your doctor to think you are telling him which conditions you have and which meds you think might help you. Many doctors have super, super egos. Fortunately my pdoc has so far been very open to my imput into my disorders and the available meds, as well as which meds we have tried and did not work for me due to disabling side effects or whatever.
I definitely found the Valium to be more effective (calming) than Xanax for treating my anxieties, which are very debilitating at times. I still only take it on an as-needed basis, since I have concerns about possible dependency. My pdoc has recommended I now take it at bedtime due to my insomnia. Last night I was so tired from not sleeping well for over a week that I fell asleep without it.
The EMSAM patch supposedly works for both depression and social anxiety. I dont' know if it helpful for GAD.