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Hi I was really frightened with my first MRI. dr. gave me a valium before it was done and i almost fell asleep. since then i have bben fine since I realized nothing happens to you in there. My husband on the other hand freaks out in an open MRI. I have never been strapped down and i believe if i was i couldn't go through with it either. I find it appalling that people without insurance cannot get quality medical treatment. I wish you luck.
I very clausterphobic so I was really anxious about the MRI. My doctor prescribed valium-I took 2 as well as 2 neurontin (which helps with anxiety in addition to nerve pain). I also scheduled it early in the morning (6:45 a.m.) so I would have a chance to really wake up. Those medications plus some anti-anxiety exercises such as visualizations and belly breathing got me through the MRI. The first few minutes were the worst but then I calmed down. I hope you can find a way to get through the MRI so you can get the treatment you need. Best of luck.
When my daughter had her mri her dr ordered her a valium to take one hour prior to the appt, as zero suggested. She had her own cd and they told her to think about somewhere she would really want to be. It was the middle of Feb in cold, snowy Michigan so she dreamed that she was on a beach in the Carribean. It worked for her. Along with being the enclosed type, they put her in the pediatric machine which was a little more closed in/smaller. She's 5'6" so not sure why they used that one, bur she did just fine. cas
I am the queen of claustraphobia. I need an aisle seat in the movie theater not to have a panic attack. My Dr. prescribed valium. One the night before, one when I left the hose for the MRI and I final one when I got to the place. He also gave me 2 extra just in case I panicked. They did the trick.