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So I just got back from the ENT. This is one second one, since the first didn't really do a whole lot of good.
I told him about all my symptoms and the newer ones Ive been having.
He poke around my ears, felt my glands around my neck and looked into my nose and that was about it.
He told me it sounds like my main doctor screwed up. She basically didn't do anything about my allergies and sinuses, to where they became infected. Still didn't do anything which is why it became viral and caused my Labyrinthitis.
Which made me feel great, as you can imagine.
He wanted to run an MRI, just to make sure that it wasn't a stroke, brain tumor or something else. But he said it was highly, highly unlikely.
I can't do an MRI right now though, because my insurance won't cover it, plus I don't believe it's any of that. So why waste the money.
He said since I've had it for four months, that I am at a period where my brain is adjusting and I am getting better believe it or not.
He added that I never should have stopped using my Meclizine and that he wants to put me on Antivert instead.
So I walked out with a few more answers, I really had no doubt that it was labs.
He gave me a steroid and an allergy medicine to control that as well and the Antivert.
I am going back in three weeks and he said that if I am not doing any better, valium is the next step.
Then he wants me to do rehabilitation if that doesn't work.
So overall I felt pretty good about the entire visit. He seemed pretty sure that it was Labs.
What do you guys think?