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Hi. has anyone else experience burning like through your veins up arms, back, neck, legs, head rushing through your body during a panic attack?...I cant sleep lay down, constant thoughts and heart palputations.

Mine started 3 days after starting zoloft and xanax. I stopped them. Went to psych hospital with severe depersonalization and burning feeling out my mind for them to prescribe Emsamm patch MAO Inhibitor. THis will take 2 weeks to kick in. Thank god I have a valium in the cabinet. They wont prescribe valium to me, and said all those sleep meds kill your liver.... does this make sense? I am going nuts.
Hi Matts Mom,

Oh yes, I can totally relate :dizzy: . That is how I know a panic attack is coming on. I start to feel a flush, kinda like a hot flash, mainly in my upper body. Then soon after that is a trip to the bathroom :rolleyes: . At that point I try to do breathing exercises and talk myself down. Usually doesn't start helping until after 3-4 rounds to the bathroom.

I hope you find some peace.

P.S. I just wanted to add I have no idea about valium and the effects on your liver. I have been taking Zoloft for years and I know my doc runs a liver panel every year to check the effects of the Zoloft.
This burning feeling is like a rush going through my veins and unrelated to bowels or cramps, its pure panic. I feel like I am not in my body, and everytime I try to relax, I jump and freak out that I dont know where I am or whats going on around me. I am thinking its PTSD related to all the stress I have been going through. Its catching up to me now. Did anyone hear of emsam? Or the liver excuse? I was so panicked that I asked the dr for valium when she suggested xanax. She marked in my chart that I must be an addict and wouldnt give me valium. I have been dealing with stress for a long time, and recently got bad news and I am going out of my mind..so for me to finally breakdown reach out for help and ask for meds is a big deal. Only for them to turn around and acuse me of being an addict ! now I have no help at all. THe side effects of that emsam are far worse than anything... can worsen panic and I wont take it. I did take a piece of the 1 valium I had, I dont like how I feel on meds, so I hope I can get through this without it.! The psych appt is 2 weeks away !
I think with some doctors we have to watch the way we word things maybe....i dunno just taking a guess.I have heard of people going to their doctor and specifically asking for a certain valium or benzo and the doctor either prescribes a different kind or wont even prescribe any.Of course there are some out there addicted so I guess some doctors are leary.I do however think it was bad judgement on your doctor to label you as an addict if you have no history of over taking your meds.Some doctors wont prescribe certain meds at all.I ran into this with one of my doctors she refused to give me a benzo or valium just an anti depressant.I think its deffinitely worth a shot trying without meds.I no longer take meds and im doing pretty good.Dont get discouraged though if it gets to bad and you turn to the meds.I have been on and off meds in the past.

take care and best of luck
Yea, its a blessing in disguise about not getting the valium. Who knows, I may have gotten addicted and I dont want to rely on anything. Now I take a benadryl before bed. I was trying to not use those either, but I stay up half the night... and feel on edge and jumpy as I lie down and try to go to sleep and I cant stop my racing thoughts about everything I am worried about.