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Need insight please

I foolishly took a 10mg diazepam on thursday nite (5 nites ago) just to relax. I woke up the next morning feeling very out of it and dreamy. I used to party alot couple years ago and in high school and occasionaly do currently, so i dont think my drug tolerancy is that low. I went to the ER and they did a Cat scan of my brain and all the major blood work and everything came back fine.

So the doctors just keep tellin me everything is fine and just takes time to get out of my system, But on the other hand they said that i should be all better by wednesday. It is now tuesday nite and i still dont feel normal. Words are very hard to describe the way i do feel but some vague descriptive words would be just out of it, feels like im looking through someone elses eyes, pretty sensitive to lightm just that dreamy description. I know valium typically has a very long half life but i think that i should feel somewhat better almost 100 hours later. Any similar experiences or advice from anyone. i have a descent appetite but just everything looks surreal out of my eyes. Any comments are deeply appreciated
This valium that you took, was it yours or was it something that a friend gave you? Also, regardless of whether it was yours or not, how old was the pill? Medications do have a shelf life, and if this valium was expired, or not stored properly it could potentially cause worse side effects.

Have you ever taken valium before for any kind of medical condition or just partying? If so, did it affect you for a long time?

The only thing I could suggest is to drink plenty of water. Lots of it to try and flush your system. If you don't feel more normal very soon, then you need to go back to the doctor and let him know.

valium is pretty strong stuff and can really hit you hard sometimes. 10 mgs. is a pretty hefty dose as well. I had major surgery on my knee and afterwards was given half that dose and it made me loopy for quite some time. That stuff is harsh, really.

Good luck and keep us posted.