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My husband had ACDF on 7/13 after one month of torturous pain which could not be alleviated with various combinations of: hydrocodone, oxycontin, cortisone pills, shots, fentanyl patches, lidocaine patches, valium and home stim machine. Right after surgery the pain was gone. In the hospital for 2 nights he had morphine shots and ambien (didn't work). The first night home he slept like a baby. The only medication he took once he got home was tylenol. Then starting the night of 7/16 he started to become distraught with discomfort, not pain, body writhing and he is experiencing involuntary arm and leg muscle spasm like movements. Especially when he lays down. He hasn't slept in two days and is besides himself with these spasm like arm and leg movements and tense and bone and muscle tightness. It's almost unbearable for him. HELP PLEASE.