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All I can say about the appointment with neuro yesterday is I'll be glad to get to MS Clinic August 8th!!! Neuro upped the dosage of Lyrica which I believe is part of the problem. Since starting it at a low dose last month strange things started happening on top of what was already happening with the spasms. He was going to prescribe Valium but since my psychiatrist is prescribing Klonopin he didn't. The Klonopin is being tapered off because the psychiatrist says I don't need it as far as his treatment goes so he had already cut my dosage in 1/2 and said next month he would probably cut it altogether. Tried to explain this to neuro for 15 minutes but couldn't get through to him. Anyway, I'm in worse shape today than I was yesterday. The increased dose of Lyrica made everything 100X worse. :mad: I thought surely he would prescribe Baclofen or something along that line. Lyrica is not for muscle spasms. My neuro is really trying to help but don't think he's knowledgeable enough about MS so I'm going to end up having to make a 2 1/2 hour trip to Lexington for doctors visits. That's bad when you can't drive and have no one to take you! I hate this disease!!!!