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Hi Gloria,
How nice to hear from you!!! Yes, I do believe we actually share the same vestibular birthday (Now that's one birthday we hate to celebrate, isn't it! :eek:) I am so glad to hear that your improvement continues. I so hope that those new to the board (and recently hit by vestibular problems) will find comfort in hearing that we have improved over this past 1 1/2 yrs..... if it can happen for us, it can happen for them, too!!!!

Isn't it so interesting to look back one year ago? I remember that I was scared to death to go swimming - in fact, I didn't! The thought of the water terrified me, because I could barely handle solid ground! Now, one year later, I'm swimming laps just about every day! I would have never believed it last July! I know you have those same types of hallmarks, too. Here's to believing that one year from now all the residual symptoms we have today will actually be gone for good!!!!

I will be interested in hearing how you handle the tapering of the klonopin, since I am taking the equivilent dose of valium. It doesn't worry me too much, because I am now able to really, for the most part, feel like living life again! I continue to slowly feel better, though those really rough days still show up now and then, esp. the week before my period, or if I get hit with some strong stress. Where your lingering issue is tinnitus, mine is still the disequilibrium. But now there are actually times when I can be teaching and I actually forget all about it. Now that's some serious progress (at least in my dizzy estimation! :) ) In fact, a year ago, I never thought I would again live life like I'd once known it - I know you totally understand that! And yet, on Sunday, I will be going to Disneyland to buy an annual pass!!!! All my kids have them, and want me to join them.... I would have never thought the day would come when I could even think about going there, but here it is! (Though I think I'll have to pass on the teacups - My life has BEEN a teacup ride this past year and a half :dizzy: .... and to think that once upon a time that was one of my favorite rides!!!)

So, on we go.... one day at a time. How nice it is to stay in touch - do hope you have a great summer, and that you aren't broiling like we are out here in the west. It was 110 here today with humidity (something we don't see much of), and right now, at 9:15 p.m., it's 91. I am ready for fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take care, Gloria, and thanks again for dropping me a line!!!!
:wave: Robin