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Its been quite along time since I had my wisdom teeth removed so I am not sure of the cost today, but I do know if you want to be put to sleep for the procedure what you need to do is just find an oral surgeon who does this - some do and some do not. I recently needed some oral surgery and went to 2-3 OS's before I found one who would do it with me asleep and it worked out fine. Also find out what they use to put you to sleep with - the OS I had inserted a needle with valium in my arm and I was out in 5 seconds and awake before I knew it. When I did have my wisdoms removed they would not do all four at the same time. They did 2 on one side and waited 2 weeks and then the other 2. Although I too have heard horror stories about having wisdoms out I was fine within a few days of each surgery but I was in my teens then so not sure if age as anything to do with it. I think a lot has to do with whether they are impacted or not, how long the roots are, the oral surgeon's skill and how easily or not the tooth is removed. If the tooth fractures while being removed the OS has to work a bit harder in getting it out and that could cause more soreness afterwards. Good Luck.