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Hi CK,

Yup, Subs is dead right. Some get whacked with anxiety and others seem to get through this with almost nothing. I reckon it's got something to do with which areas of the balance system are attacked, the severity of the attack and how well our own physiology can deal with something that throws the limbic system into over-drive.

I was unlucky and got hit with severe anxiety from the word go. I went from a very chilled out person one day to an anxiety-riddled disaster the next. And it went on and on and on. I couldn't stop the wild horses from galloping.

On hindsight, if I had to go back there knowing what I do now i would have used valium or some other benzo to help me through the really bad times but only sparingly. Symptoms were so horrific for me that there's no doubt I also contributed to the mess by stressing out over what seemed like a lost life. And when I was unable to do work without feeling really terrible (ie, on PC screens) I really panicked thinking I'll never be able to finish my work at the time or have a normal life.

It's *REALLY* important to know that no matter how lousy you feel now, that it won't last forever. Do your best to not add additional worry to your already stressed out body. If you cannot manage this (a hard feat because these sensations are all new to you no doubt), then I would consider using a med to help you stay calm through the worst of it. Getting sleep is really important at staying on top of this. I made the mistake of toughing it out by myself for too long and ended up with severe anxiety and then depression. I had to learn the hard way unfortunately.

So hang in there, try and stay calm and know that it will eventually (but possibly slowly) go away. It does for most.

Best...Scott :cool:

ps make sure you watch the videos on vestibular compensation by Dr Rauch (first post titled Archive). You will feel much better about this junk.