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I have severe panic attacks when flying and have to do so soon, along with that I am meeting my BF's brother, his girlfried, my BF's mother and Grandmother for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:dizzy: !!!!!Will fly halfway across the county and then drive another 5 HOURS with his brother and his girlfriend. Where we end up meeting the rest of his family, whom I don't know. I take ativan everyday anyways for panic/anxiety but I need something for flying to. Is valium good to ask my doctor for or does anyone else know what might help me chill out...so I don't puke, have the runs, or totally flip on the flight (which has happened). PLEASE NEED SOME HELP!!!:wave:
I always did best with Valium in short-term terror situations like flying and dentist visits. Don't take the Valium and Ativan on the same day, obviously. Here's an old trick that will help if you feel yourself warping out on the plane - put ice in your mouth. Crushed works best, if you can buy a large drink in the airport. Something about the cold in your mouth interrupts the psyiological stuff that's trying to happen to your body. Have a good flight. PatsyCatsy
Thank you...I WILL SO DO THE ICE THING. Well I guess I will ask the doctor about the valium. I just feel like he might feel just use the ativan, but I am sacred it wouldn't be the right thing for this situation since it is not just my general anxiety issue. And I wouldn't want to be on a 7 hour flight and NOT be prepared!!!!! Thanks again.