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I'm presently taking Effexor 75mg for my anxiety - started at 37.5mg on August 8th.

Is it working? NO!!! Is my anxiety worse? YES DEFINITELY!! :mad: Like you, I'm so frustrated because I feel I can't function day to day, but need to work. Part of my anxiety is due to many stressful events over the past few years and I guess my whole body is just maxed out.

What am I doing now? - taking .25mg Valium when needed (up to .5mg if I really need it) and try to keep busy doing something/anything to take my mind off this awful feeling. I've tried other benzo's but they did not work for me like the Valium does.

Prior to taking the Effexor XR I took Remeron. It was great in the sense that I was able to get a good night's sleep. But the weight gain and the constant craving for food esp. sweets was too much. Also worked for a few months and then seemed to not work any longer (other than it did still allow me a good night's sleep). I'm sure that the lack of sleep now since I've stopped taking the Remeron does contribute somewhat to the anxiety that I'm experiencing.

It does help in knowing that others are feeling the same way you are. Just keep posting - somehow writing out our concerns is therapy in its own right.

Take care.