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Valium has a longer half life because it is highly fat soluble.

Klonopin mg for mg is twice as strong as Xanax - Xanax mg for mg is twice as strong as Ativan.

.25mg Klonopin=.5mg Xanax
.5mg Xanax=1mg Ativan
1mg Ativan=.25mg Klonopin.
.5mg Xanax=5mg Valium
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Well I've already have been on Klonopin numerous times, and looks like that's the best out there. Valium has a longer half life from what you posted, but is valium a good anti-anxiety drug to take. I hear alot people taking Xanax..My Dr. has never prescribed me Xanax. He told me it has a very short half life, but it's suppose to be strong apparently. Klonopin wafers are quick and long lasting, so I'll go back to that I guess. Anyone taken valium, and any good/bad experiences.
Actually the most powerful Benzodiazepine would be a drug call Versed, Midazolam, it is used in hospitals in procedures which sedation is needed, it is also the shortest acting benzo, that's why doctors like them, so your back on your feet quicker than say if they gave you intravenous Valium instead. And they actually do make an oral syrup of Versed, it's for people who suffer from really bad seizure's. But unfortunately it is not perscribed in a pill form. And when your on it, you have to be monitored for breathing, because it can actually stop your breathing if given a large amount. The next most powerful benzo is a drug called Triazolam, Halcion, which is also a sedative, anti anxiety and hypnotic. It is mainly used for sleep. but can be used for anxiety and panic attacks as well.
Well for me, when i haven taken Valium it acts very fast. many people and doctors state that it is addictive, but what isn't? If it is going to help me function normally and not freak out at work or in public, I say go for it. Valium left a tad bit nasueated at first but I fixed that by making sure I ate something. Almost any medication has it's side effects. I stay away from any type of caffeine that can enhance anxiety/panic. that helps! Yes valium acts fast, and when you are in a situation that you need it, there is nothing better except for Xanax. I never tried Klonopin, but known people who have tried it, hated it, and also I have known people that still take it to this day and swear by it. It is your body and strictly up to you. What may work for one person may not wpork for another. Hope this helps.