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This may be a long one, but I will try and get to the point.
I had my first episode in a car. I felt like a rush of something came through my head and chest, and I just felt "weird". My heart started racing. I pulled over immediately and got out. As I was standing I kept telling myself, you're ok, you're ok, and I actually did start feeling better. I stood a little while longer and attempted to get back in the car. As soon as I sat down, it came back, to the point where I couldn't control it. My blood pressure and heart rate were sky-rocketing. I called 9-1-1 at that point, and had to be transported.

While at the hospital, this episode continued over an hour. They gave me valium to calm myself down as the chest x-ray, EKG, echo-cardiogram, and blood draw all came back negative. They released me once I came back down to earth. Months later I had a second similar attack when I was laying at home in bed. I just felt "weird" again with a similar rush of something. My blood pressure and heart rate immediately took off again and once again I found myself in the hospital even after trying to control the symptoms with breathing techniques. Everything checked out negative AGAIN, and Adivan was administered to ease my symptoms. I was again released. Two days later a third episode struck, very similar to the first two, and another release from care.

My question is, does this sound like an actual physical condition or what? I've only had these three episodes but now that I'm home after the third feel that I probably would have had more had they not sent me home with some Adivan. I'm a stress free person and have never had anything like this in all my 29 years. I've followed up with a cardiologist who did another EKG (which again was negative), and my family physician. All told me just to stay off caffeine after the first episode. I did that and had two more episodes. Now I've seen an Allergist, an Endocrinologist, and am going back to my cardiologist and family physician. Several tests are out there with pending results. Right now they are thinking it may be my adrenal gland but we still arent sure. Hopefully I haven't left anything out, but if there are some holes, just ask a question to jog my memory and hopefully that will help you out. I tried, unsuccessfully, to not type a book but its easier just putting it all out here. Thanks in advance!