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Hi mr,

I had that happening in spades when I was first ill with this nightmare. The thing I find with sleep and going to bed is that patterns develop very quickly and your mind soon starts to anticipate these events on going to bed. I used to dread going to bed because I knew I might be in for a very bad time.

To interrupt the cycle and stop this reaction I used meditiation before bed - by that I mean watching my breath and pushing my body into a slow regular breathing rhythm. It's also a good idea to stay off the PC and away from the TV one hour before bed. Reading a book was sometimes good for me too but not always. Finally when I just couldn't get the upper hand on it I took valium but not for than two nights in a row afterwhich I would have a break for a day or two. The idea is to never let any unnatural habits begin to take hold.

Remember that this sleep thing is temporary and it WILL go away but you must not be fearful of it. Don't let your mind run away with it thinking, "My god, I'll never be able to sleep properly again (I had that)". Accept where you are now and try some different techniques to reclaim some sleep. I found I had to be really proactive with it and force things once in a while so that it wouldn't take over my life.

Best...Scott :cool: