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I am new to this forum, but I'm hoping someone will be able to help me. I have had symptoms (sometimes debilitating) since March (almost nonstop). It started with headaches and severe fatigue, then severe veritgo, imbalance when walking, electrical shocks in my head, depression, anger, and tremors.
I had an MRI which I was told was suspicious, but a spinal tap than was negative. At this point I have a primary care physician that states it's MS but won't diagnose saying that the neurologist is the one that has to do that. The neurologist I saw does not seem to be that proficient in MS. When I explained about the pain I am having, he said that I have Fibromyalgia and he was putting MS on the back burner. I hade another test that the Doctor said one of the results points to MS, but another that usual shows up in MS was normal. I had an appointment at an MS specialty clinic that was cancelled and I am being told I won't be able to be seen until after the first of the year. I have been out of work since March and their has been no improvement in my symptoms, some have worsened. I can't return but I don't have a diagnosis yet to file for ssdi.
Long story but my question involves my last visit to the neuroligist. He was suppose to talk with my primary doc about the best course of meds (I am on fentynal patch for pain, cymbalta, clonopin, valium and requip) He called and said to come in because he had talked to the doc. I drove the 66 miles to see him just to be told that the medicine that I am on now is fine. He suggested that I see a psychiatrist to help manage with the stress. I have to admit that I lost it and said that the stress is coming from not being adequately treated. He said that I would not have severe tremors with MS, that it is stress. I can't tell you what I told him then, but it probably would have made a sailor blush. Does anyone have severe tremors (almost full body shakes)? My other fear is thaqt I have read that damage from MS is permanent and the sooner you start getting treatment the better for you. One last statement, I asked my doctor, "At this point, what would be worse treating me for MS if I don't have it, or not treating me if I do?" His response was definitely not getting treatment, but still deferred to the neurologist.