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Hey i couldn't find an appropriate board to post this so i'm putting it here. if you can direct me to the correct one please do.

I was at the gym yesterday and while doing hammer curls i felt something pop in my upper back, in the trapezius. suddenly i felt an enormous amount of pain in my upper back and in my neck too. now i can't turn my head left or right without feeeling excruciating pain. i've seent eh doctor and he said it's most likely a muscle spasm. I would agree with him because one time last year i woke up with a muscle spasm in my upper back and then also i couldn't move my head without feeling pain.

if anyone has had this experience before please post me your experience, any suggestions on how to deal with the pain, or how to relax my muscles. The first time this happened the doctor gave me valium. this time he gave me nothing. (different doctor).

Anyway, keen to hear from someone soon!
Muscle spasms are very painful, I know from personal experience. In past years I took Valium 5 mg. for a while and then it did not work, had to increase to 10 mg. Soon after my husband came home from work and found me in middle of the floor crying, I thought I had lost my mind. I had been finding things in kitchen cuboards that did not belong there (strange things) and I was the only one who would have put them there (kids were young). I am surprised I did not throw the baby out with the bath water!! So, to make a long story short, be very careful about taking Valium. After going off Valium when driving the intersections and everything around looked so bright and clear. In other words I had been driving our precious children in a cloudy state of mind and could have wrecked not knowing I was too far gone to be driving.

For muscle spasms in upper back just below shoulder blade near spine the orthopedic doctor told me this week to bring arms across the chest as far as I could, hold, then relax. Also try to touch elbows in back of you. Do these a few times off and on during the day to stretch/relax the tight muscle. He said the muscle needed stretched. I don't know if this will work where you have a problem or not.