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It's nice to know your doctor will be seeing you for continued follow-ups. I feel so much WORSE without the collar on. :eek: Cooler, yes, but the back of my neck really hurts - which is frustrating since all my pre-op pain was in the arm, hand & fingers - not my neck. :( Is the back of the neck where your pain is now too?

I was never on muscle relaxants post-operatively, as he uses Valium instead. It helped a lot, but I stopped taking them when I had summer school finals. Even tho I felt no sedation, extra calmness or anything on it (that I could tell anyway) - I was such a BEAR the week I went off it, that in hindsight I wonder if it was a withdrawl thing going on?! It very well could have been the fact that I had 2 term papers, 2 unit tests followed by 2 finals, the philadelphia collar on in humid 100+ degree heat, etc., but I was really so uncharacteristically grouchy that it did worry me. (My family didn't deserve the way I snapped at them that week.) Muscle relaxants usually wipe me out, and the Valium did not, so I thought it was a good suite for me - but now I'm afraid of it. Wonder if it can do that to you in just a couple weeks of it?

Dennis, I'm glad you didn't need anything after only 3 weeks. :) Don't know if you're lucky or just have a high pain tolerance, but that's wonderful.

Karin, I'm sorry you are still needing something - but it makes me less worried that I am feeling this way right now. - That "comfort in numbers" thing, I guess.
If I feel this way again tomorrow, I will call the doc for his suggestions.

I know everyone is different, but I am so grateful to have someone to talk to about their experience with the fusion, plate, etc.

Thanks :)