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Well, you're probably pretty healthy if you haven't had to go to the doc in 20 years!:) I get scared going to some dr. appts., and for a person my age (31) I've been to docs a LOT (both for anxiety and other problems). If I'm really bad off, I try to get my husband, a family member, or at least a friend to go with me. That helps tremendously! If you have any Xanax, Valium, etc., that also helps, but you probably don't since you haven't been to the doc lately! There's a homeopathic thing called Bach Rescue Remedy. It comes in a spray and a cream (the cream is just for skin conditions). Spray it 2 or 3 times on your tongue and I swear it works! It can be found at health food stores and large vitamin shops and online. Also, remember to take baby steps in your journey to the doc. First, call and make the appt. Then, take deep breaths and tell yourself that you CAN get through this. Post on here and we'll give you encouragement! Enlist the help of someone to go with you if you can. Then, the day of the appt., say ok, I'm just going to get in my car and drive there. Then say, ok, I'm going to walk in the building. Breaking difficult or scary tasks down into baby steps makes them easier and keeps your mind focused on the here and now instead of letting it worry about what's coming. Take care and keep us posted.