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I was on Depakote for a while, but had problems with tremors, and my writing, which at that time , I did a lot of at work (now on disability for sz), so couldn't tolerate it. I was taking it for an autonomic disorder, not epilepsy. I've had good results with Tegretol, Neurontin(for autonomic disorder and sz), Klonopin, and Ativan for breakthroughs (auras hit, and I take a 2mg tablet); I'm sort of on Keppra - lol- had to back off to lower dose due to severe constipation. If the seizures your son has occur only when he's sick, that makes so much sense- fevers and infections are common causes of breakthrough seizures- I'd be leary of starting something else also-- would your doc be agreeable to a child dose of the Valium suppository (forgot the name), or another 'breakthrough' medication??? :confused: