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I just want to describe some of these symptoms Im having with the hopes that someone has some idea of what I am talking about. I search online and get no hits with my search words. My trips to the emergency room have turned up nothing as well, but I know something is wrong.

First I have irregular heartbeats. Sometimes I can feel y heart beating funny, it has fluttered, or sometimes it feels like Im being punched in the chest..symotainiously I feel like Somebody hits me in the forhead with a blunt object. I have nagging sharp pains in my shoulder blade area( always the right side). A metallic taste in my mouth. And lately a feeling like blockage in my nose and pressure in my head. Its pretty svcary stuff. My blood test say my cholesterol is low ( 166) tryglicerides and all that are good. Blood sugar is low. However I am overweight right now, my weight has always yo-yo'ed. But i do eat a well balanced diet with the recomended amount of fruits and vegetables. I dont get the excersise I need though.

I am uninsured and dont have a doctor but when the symptoms get really scary i go to the emergency room. Ive been told Im ok. The last time they said " it's your nerves" and prescribed valium. I really dont think so. I told them I was still nursing so they took the prescription back and said take an antihistamine or sleeping pill. I havent done that because I think they're mistaking or dot have the time to thoroughly check an uninsured person.

Does anybody recognize any of these symptoms or have any ideas. Please Help!!!

As women we are always told to be on the lookout for heart disease, but when doctors say nothings wrong..and you know there is..what next.
What could it be. And might there be other explainations?