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Hi Gloria,
Nice to hear from you! Well, here we are, STILL dealing with this stuff! :eek: Wasn't it supposed to just about gone by now? (We were sure hoping so last summer, weren't we!!!!!) Well, I totally commiserated with your post about feeling so crummy.... I am surprised how the bad days can just seem to come out of nowhere, right in the middle of a good stretch. It sure does get discouraging, but I have to keep remembering where I was a year ago.

Remember I told you that I was going to go to Disneyland? Well, went again last week, and this time actually did Splash Mountain! I paid for it, but not as badly as I thought I might. (I read your post about taking your son to the amusement park - was it called Kennywood? I saw a wonderful show about it on the Discovery channel, if I'm not mistaken. Looked like a really fun place!!!)

I do notice that I get exhausted after a busy day - so different than before I was hit was this. Have you experienced that, too? I'm wondering if it's because we have to exert so much energy in just the regular "doing" of life that we get worn out more quickly now.

Do keep me posted on what your neuroto. has you doing. I did read that you're going to start weaning off the Klonopin. Does that make you nervous? Frankly, there's a part of me that doesn't want to start decreasing the 2 mg. of Valium that I'm on, simply because it allows me to lead a pretty normal life, all things considered. Sigh.....

But this is our deal, OK? We're gunna keep pressing on, one foot in front of the other.... and someday in the (not-too-distant, I hope) future, we will be talking about all of this in the past tense!!!!

Hope you have a great few last weeks of summer!!!!
XOX ~ Robin