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I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Unfortunately, from my experience the pain the second day is so much worse then the first day. I was out of work for a couple of weekends after my car accident. I went to sleep the night of the accident, after being send home from the hospital with anxiety (:mad: they never even checked me for anything else) and a valium. I thought, if this is the worst then I can handle it. I went to sleep and woke up the next morning to my sister (we share a room) screaming out in pain (she was in the accident with me, all of my siblings were) when I went to try and help her I felt like I was hit by a train.

They told me, at the accident, that at first you are so pumped up with adreneline that your body can't even tell what is wrong with you. That's why they suggest everyone go to the hospital after an accident. I thought I was fine at the accident scene just a little shakey from the whole thing, when they asked if I had hit my head or anything I told them no, because I didn't remember hitting my head. The next day I woke up with an egg shell on my forehead. Most of the time you (and your body) are going 50+ mph and then jolted to a complete stop, it takes a toll on your body.

Well, I really hope that you are okay. My physical body healed a heck of a lot faster that I have healed emotionally, in fact I don't even think I am completely over it and my accident was over 10 months ago.

Please take care.