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hi bev,
i suffered from panic attacks most of my life but did not know what they were until 7 years ago, they kept putting me on anti depressants i would tell them im not depressed i have anxiety, and the meds made it worse, finally i found a dr that would listen to me he put me on klonopin for 2 years and i was fine but then started having breakthrough attacks, now just on 1 valium a day if i choose, i told dr if i felt one coming on and couldnt talk myself out of it i would immediatley pop 2 which would be 10mgs. i still get the spells of dizziness from time to time had h.pylori in may for 2 months, body feels out of whack ya know what i mean? explain the sea salt for me ok? and what exactly it does do. thanks nice to find so many people with symptoms i had for so long and felt like i was going to die and drs made me feel crazy, until i found current pdoc. i also light candle to St Jude he is the patron saint for things most despaired of or hopeless, it helped!!!