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Has anyone had this done? What exactly is the 'little pill' they give you? As a recovering drug addict, it's almost impossible to get me 'under' or 'numb' for anything. I ate 6 valiums before my last visit and nothing happened , so I can't imagine what a 'little white pill' is going to do. Does anyone know what the Little White Pill is that thinks it's going to knock me out? My last surgery they practically had to use an elephant tranquilizer. I have only heard of IV sedation for going to sleep at the dentist, and before I make a $2000 appointment for all I need to have done I'd like to know what it is. Thanks
Hi there,
I've had Sedation dentistry before, they gave me one Valium to take the night before and one Halcion to take an hour before my appointment. Worked like a charm :)
As a Recovering druggie, one valium doesnt even register with me. I had to take 6 to get my teeth cleaned and they still couldnt do it. I wish my tolerance wasnt so high.
The Valium is just to keep you "calm" the night before. I think the Halcion is the important one. Not sure if that would work for you? They will give you as much as you need once you are there. The one you take at home is just to get you "started". My dentist kept checking with me, to see how I was feeling.