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While everyone reacts differently to different meds, all the SSRIs and related meds (SNRIs, etc.) have a period of about a month where anxiety symptoms can be exacerbated AND side effects (if any) are usually more pronounced during the first month. You may have a better experience on a different med, you may not. I've tried many, and I usually had at least some jitteriness in the beginning, but I had the range from no additional anxiety to awful anxiety from initiating medications. I know it feels awful, but you basically have to tough it out with these meds because they do begin working and the odd feelings fade away. Did your doc prescribe a benzo like Xanax or Valium to take until the Zoloft kicks in? If not, you may want to ask about that. Benzos are particularly helpful in keeping people calm and dampening the SSRI's initial side effects until you reach a good dosage and the anxiety calms down. Take care.