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Hi Howie,

I'm finally back in Sydney again after being away for 6 months all up! I'm really glad to be back I must say. I was getting tired of living from a suitcase. It was definitely an interesting 6 months in terms of watching how my body coped with different situations through all of the travels. Basically it was typical for this garbage where I had the usual highs and lows.

The really great news is that I reckon I reached a full 100% briefly two weeks ago as I was travelling through Western Australia. We were car camping away from just about everything and everyone and I had not one symptom for a few days straight. I was completely unaware of anything related to labs and therefore forgot it entirely. Interestingly, just one week before that I was recovering from a cold and was unable to drive the car we rented for 3 days without feeling completely off my face with disorientation, mild anxiety and tripping out while trying to sleep at night....then it vanished and I shot up to the full quid within days!

I screwed up on the way back down the west coast last week though and missed taking the SSRI on two separate occasions one day apart. After missing dose #2 (I couldn't be bothered to get out of the tent and find the meds thinking I'd be fine anyway if I missed a dose or two) a huge amount of muscle tension began mainly in my neck and upper back. Then my hands got really stiff and finally the headache from hell descended. I still have the headache now and it's 7 days later! I've never had a headache last this long and it's worrying to be honest. With the headache I'm also feeling a bit low and have been waking in the morning with heart palps and some mild vertigo (as of this morning). So not good but I'm sure it will evaporate soon enough like it always does.

I really need to chase up this MAV idea. The way these head pains come and go is strange and something I never had to deal with prior to VN. Now that I'm home I might chase up that appt with Halmagyi today. Apparently he's already booked right through until early next year!

How are you doing Howie? How's it all going with the new baby?

Star - it suddenly occurred to me that you may have confused SSRI meds with benzodiazepines such as valium and klonopin (clonazepam). What you wrote would likely apply to these meds - great for anxiety and early days of the dizzies but probably bad for overall compensation in the long run if *over-used*. Timothy Hain seems to think that some benzos used at very low dose do not muck up compensation and might be useful for longer term use although I don't think I'd go there.

Best.....Scott :cool: