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Hi Ladies!

First....I'll tell you my story, as short as I can. When I was 27, I found a lump in my right breast. I went to the doctor, he felt it, ordered a mammogram and referred me to a surgeon. I went in for the mammogram, she could feel the lump herself, though "they tell me nothing showed on the mammogram"....hum....anyway, the surgeon decided to do an aspiration, which he did, and it came back with "abnormal cells". We decided at that point to do a core biopsy, which was scheduled for the following week....keep in mind, I was terrified! I cried, couldn't talk about it, and was in severe "what if" mode. My mother had breast cancer 6 years prior, she has survived the cancer and was given the "all clear" 6 months ago, but still....I was a young mother of 2. My mother was in her late 50's when she was diagnosed, had a radical mastectomy and reconstruction...she's now 73, cancer free and full of life!

Long story short...I went in for the needle biopsy, they had the IV running (just for valium) and when the surgeon came in and felt it again, he decided not to do the biopsy and scheduled surgery for 2 days later to remove it. He was very concerned due to the size of the lump he was feeling, it was also hard and not moving, so he knew it wasn't fluid filled.

I went in, they removed a lump the size of a "large apricot" from my breast, all tests came back negative for cancer. I had just had my second child and was terrified. They explained due to the size, when they did the mammogram, it looked like "normal" tissue because it was deep and large.

Just make sure you have a good doctor and he does all the tests he can. Having the lump removed wasn't too bad, I was very sore (I'm 5' 4" tall and about 120 lbs with D cups) after the surgery, but after a day or two, I was okay and the scar is very minimal....it's about 3" long, but very faint...he taped it rather than stitches to reduce the change of scarring, and went in from the side.

Since that time...I've also had 4 moles removed and had 3 dermato fibromas (one of which had to be excised twice as the cells on the outer rim came back abnormal) removed....two from my thigh and one from the left side of my foot and now have one starting on my scalp.

I've learned though this, especially after the immediate surgery on my breast and then the phone call from the surgeon after removing the fibromas, where she said "They were cancer free, however..there were abnormal cells found, we need to do a second excision" that I need to take each thing in stride. I've had several very frightening scares, but they all taught me to pay attention to my body, don't take no for an answer, and get things taken care of immediately.

Don't worry too much yet....Please let us know how things went (both of you) and take things day by day!