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i also have meniere's. it's been 7 years now and seems like a lifetime. my children were little when i had my first vertigo attatck so i know how you feel meniero. my husband had to come home from work on a few occasions to help since it's very hard to take care of kids when your world is spinning. now they are older and that is a big help.
Do you have any help so you can rest and recover? It takes some time to recvover from the spinning. Move slow and watch any sudden movements. I avoid the computer, tv, bright lights and noises. Did your doctor give you any antivert (mesclizine). Valium also helps with the panic.
Hang in there.

wow, 16 years! I'm glad you came on these boards. Not many true meniere's out there. My right ear is bad. Can't hear at all out of it. But sure can hear all that awful tinninitis. Allergies. I think that's what started this for me. Have you tried a hearing aid? Not sure if they will work or not. I am due for a hearing test soon and am interested in a hearing aid. Any thoughts?
Congratulations on still being able to work.

hey! have you gotten your mri report? hope they have ruled out the meniere's.

everyone take care,