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hello to all!

it's my first post here and, though i'd never thought about using a forum, i'm so desperate right now that i though i'd give it a chance, and this place seems full of nice willing-to-help people so i thought maybe it'd be of help :)

my problem is i've been suffering from constant anxiety crisis for the last 5 days. they're not anxiety attacks that come and go. no. these "nerves" stay like in my stomach, chest and throat thoughout the WHOLE day-NON stop. no matter what i do, even if i go out, hang out with friends, sit and watch tv, walk, go online, etc. the nerves are ALWAYS there. keeping me distracted will not help at all.

the HUGE problem is when it comes to go to bed. I haven't been able to sleep for 4 nights. not even one hour. i'm starting to fear nightime right now, because i know what when i will lay in bed the anxiety, the nerves, will still be there and won't let me sleep. i try and i try, but it doesn't work. i just want to cry because it's so damned frustrating and feel as if this was gonna last forever. and i know my family is so tired of waking up late at night to take me to the ER or just be with me that I don't want to wake them up anymore and feel terribly alone and helpless.

i've gone to the ER three times these past days. they gave me valium and tranxilium. yesterday night they gave me 4 (!!) valium and 2 tranxilium and they made me sleepy but the anxiety/nerves were still there... so i couldn't sleep.

i have an appointment with one neurologist for next week but... what will i do until then? just get used to the insomnia and the anxiety? i'm even starting to fear my bedroom. anyone can relate with my problem?

any suggestions or experience-shares will be highly appreciated. thanks for reading and sorry for the long post!