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Hi all....I am new to this board and would like some feedback. I get all my top teeth pulled this coming Wed and an immediate upper denture put in. How did some of you do after the extractions? were you swollen, have alot of pain or what? (I hope no...lol) I am a big chicken and scared to death but it has to be done. Thank goodness I have a very nice and sympathetic dentist. He gave me Valium to take before I get there Wed. and will get an antibiotic and Vicodan when I leave on Wed. I have bought an ice pack and a big bag of Sonic ice ( it is almost like crushed ice, very small pieces) and have stocked up on soup, puddings, yogurt, popsicles, ice cream, Boost and other soft foods. Plus I have a very sweet grown daughter and she is making Paula Deens Homemade Chicken Soup and a Banana Pudding and bringing it over, for her dad to eat (the banana pudding will be without bananas and vanilla wafers for me...lol)Can you think of anything else I need to have on hand? I have to go back to the Dentist on Thursday also, I guess just for him to check bleeding, swelling and such. He didnt really say. I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and since he is giving me antibiotics that means I cant take my Humira or my methotrexate. My Rheumatologist also told me to leave off baby asprin this week and my Fosamax. We have a cold front coming Thursday so probably my arthritis will act up enough to take my mind off my mouth pain! Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am 61 yo and in fairly good health except for the darn Rheumatoid Arthritis. I live in East Texas on a lake, married, with grown children and grandchildren. Sorry to ramble so...lol...hope to hear from some of you soon. Thanks a bunch...Marcia
Hi Cristie...thanks so much for replying...thought I was not going to get any before tomorrow. You do make me feel better, hope my experience is as good as yours was. I talked to my sister in law tonight and she had this done abt. 2 yrs. ago also and had no problems. She said she mostly stayed in bed and slept the first couple of days. My dentist hasnt said anything yet abt. dairy products but I will get instructions tomorrow. Glad you told me that because I have ice cream and Boost...might not need to do those right away. In a couple of weeks I will have 3 pulled in the bottom and 2 crowned and get partial. I think the Dr. wants to see how this goes first before making that appt. Thanks again for your encouragement, I will post again as soon as I am able and let you know how it went. Hugs...Marcia:) :) PS....no, I am not being put out, just novacaine and the valium an hour before the appt. Oh and I guess dairy is ok because the nurse told me to get a malt or milkshake on the way home and take my pain med.