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I have been to the doc 3 times in less than a weeks time for 24/7 dizziness/ foggy head. She took me off work for a week and I was also not allowed to drive during this time. The dizzy/foggy feeling in my head was so severe that I could not walk without staggering and I just felt so goofy in the head!!

She first thought I had an ear infection, so she put me on antibiotics, did not help of course so I went back and she said it was vertigo and she put me on antvert. I took the antivert for 3 days as she told me to and if I was no better to come back. Well, I went back because the antivert did not work and I was actually feeling much worse. She then sent me for a ct scan to rule out stroke or tumor, the scan was negative.

She narrowed it down to being a problem with my inner ear causing severe vertigo and she started me on an antihistimine Zyrtec and valium therapy. Although it did not help me instantly as I had hoped, I had began to notice periods where I was not dizzy and my walking was much better. After 4 days of being on the Zyrtec/Valium therapy I am much, much better! My head is clear now and I can walk straight!

Has anyone else had any luck with the similar treatment? I am asking because I was thinking that maybe the meds were not really helping and maybe it was just beginning to get better on its own. My doc told me when I was feeling better to stop taking the meds and I am afraid that if I stop taking them that I will get get in the same mess again!!

Now, for my question... what I mean by completely gotton over this dizziness, will it come back? I have read so many of the posts where people have suffered with the symptoms for months with no relief and then it always comes back. I am new to this and I wanted so badly for the meds the doc gave me to be a cure, not just a treatment!!

Also I wanted to know if anyones symptoms made them miss work and were you not able to drive because of the dizziness?
i've had foggy head for 5 years now.. i've never tried the zyrtec/valium you talked about. Can you explain more about your condition and how it felt and how long you had it? what kind of Dr. did you go to

The best way for me to describe my foggy head is a disconnected dreamy feel, also i could describe it as feeling slightly drunk/stoned all the time.. been majorly hard to deal with for so long.:yawn:
Hi Shy,

Sounds pretty much like you are dealing with an inner ear issue as Subs pointed out. Your dizzy, foggy head are pretty standard stuff with this. Be careful with the valium. It's an addictive drug and tolerance to the meds usually develops around the 2 week mark if taken at a high enough dose. Try to come off of it soon if you feel better and use it again only occasioanlly if things become too much again.

This thing will go away but it could be a while yet - a few more weeks or months. Note that during this chronic compensation period you will feel better and better and not as you do now. Be prepared for good and bad days though as compensation progresses.