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i know the apprehension you are feeling,i have been thru this test like four times now on various areasof my body because of spinal cord damage.while it can be a bit uncomfortable at times,its not excruciatingly painful or anything close to that.sometimes you wont even feel the nedles oing in but other times,when they hit a nerve,well you can have a bit of a sudden jolt,but it dosent last more than a second or two then its over.how long the test lasts,depends totally on how many areas of the body he is going to test.my very first one lasted about 20 minutes as it was just my right arm(this was when i was only dealing with a herniated disc and had not had the spinal cord damage yet)but the very last one took well over an hour as he had to do all four extremities along with some around the c spine in my upper back and neck areas.that one in particular really sucked.but overall,there really isn't too much to actually worry about.its over before you know it.if possible,ask your doc for a little amount of pain med you can take right before the appt so it will have kicked in when the test starts,or something like a valium which will just relax you.these meds do not have an effect on the actual test at all.i thought they might so i asked my doc about it and he said it was fine,even the valium.

i think you will do just fine.the worry before any test is almost always worse than the actual test,espescially if you have never had that kind of test before.you know,that fear of the unknown crap?i hope all goes well for you,let me know how things are going with you.just try and stay as relaxed as possible during the test,it will make it much less painful of you do just that.take care CDM.FB