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hey WM,i know we have chatted on the brain board before.what exactly showed up on the angio?it seems like from before that you DID mention that they indeed found an aneurysm or am i wrong?i honestly cannot remeber. a spinal tap can show many different things tho i personally have not had one so i really don't know just how really effective this would be but i would imagine that it would show the actual pressure within the canal/cord area to the brain.there are many diffeent things that can effect the csf pressure,but finding that out in your case,i am not too sure whether they could or would really be able to actually do anything about it?i am not too familiar with this part of the brain issues as i am with the actual aneurysm and the angios.

i would definitely check into spinal taps a bit further and really weigh your possible risks here against the benefits in what you are trying to find out to even see if this is worth the risk.there are just some rather serious possible complications that can arise from spinal taps such as a CSF leak which would require a blood patch and give you a headache like you have never felt before.and of course,as with anytime you penetrate the skin with anything,there is always that infection risk as well.just make sure that this is really a needed test before consenting to it,thats all i am really trying to say here.

one possibility for your pressure sensation could very well just be very tensed up muscles that are surrounding the neck and around the skull.this could possibly create that same feelinglike pressure on the inside which is actually just stemming from the outside.i know i feel tremendous "pressure' type feelings when my c spine starts this cascade of tightened up muscles.i get trigger point injections and use half a valium and that will usually knock them down at least for a few weeks then we go back to the TPs again.this is just a cycle with my particular c spine issues.i always worry that it is somehow related to my aneurysm tho or the possibility that i have a new one to deal with.scarey stuff.just be sure you really need the tap.good luck in whatever you decide to do WM.FB