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Hi...I know where you are coming from. I had several extractions about a month and half ago and I was very nervous. I told the nurse about it and she said the Dentist would give me a prescription for Valium, and to take it about an hour before my appt. time. He prescribed two and they said take the one abt. an hour before and if after 45min.,I did not feel any different or still felt very nervous to take the 2nd one, which I did. It will not put you to sleep, but you will feel very relaxed. It helped me tremendously. Might be a good idea to get someone to drive you tho, because different meds affect people differently. I was like you, I tried to think positively but still was a basket case just thinking about it...lol. I would call the office and see if your dentist will prescribe it for you. Just remember, it is not as bad as we work up in our minds...Hugs...Marcia