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I took my husband to my post op visit. After he heard what the dr. said he has a little more sympathy. I get the same thing. They told me not to drive so he is bringing me to therapy. He complained the other night that he has alot of running around to do. He comes home from work and has to take me to therapy and then get my son to baseketball practice. So I yelled at him that I come first. My son actually comes first in my eyes. He can get a ride if needed. Now he is all nice about it. This was my 10th surgery. My husband gets less sensitive each surgery. I push myself to do more so I'm not a burden. The result is more pain. I just started Valium today for the pain. Hope it helps. I'm running out of Percocet. The Ultracet did nothing. Sit your husband down and explain the pain. Maybe let him read some of this message board. Feel better.