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Hmm, well you seem to be on the right track getting all that stuff ruled out. But along with work, you should understand you have the stress of trying to figure out what is going on with you as well, but this in itself maybe be completely irrelvant. The thing you should know about Anxiety though is that it does NOT always relate to a situation. It just happens, not because of anything you did or because of a situation, it just happens for no apparent reason. So to rule it out, you could see about getting something like valium or some other anti-anxiety type of med, in this way if you start to have one of those episoides, see if the medicine helps it subside. If this doesn't do the trick, then you could explore other medicines, or start looking for another diagnosis again. Anxiety can mimic a lot of stuff and can be EXTREAMLY scarry, especially if it becomes panic. Some people become worried that they have a tumor, but it turns out it was anxiety, even though its nice to get the tumor part ruled out, but as it seems you've already had an MRI of your head, that probably would not be your case.

If you really want to get comprehensive, you could also see some sort of specialist who does labs to look at your blood chemistry... Your primary physician could order some.. In this way he/she could look at your levels and determine if you are lacking in any way, and also look for auto immune diseases and so forth. You could also see an Internal Medince doc or one of Internal medicine subspecialites like a Rheumatoligst. I would not think it would be cancer, but if you really start grasping for straws you could get tests done to rule that out with an oncologist. You can always re-pursue cardologists and neurologists as you seem to have been.

Have you ruled out Diabieties? Had your blood sugar checked? There are various kinds of diabieties, so you could have that ruled out as well.

I hope this helps, hopefully its something simple and not complicated, even though the simple problems give us such complications sometimes :eek: . Good Luck to you and God Bless!