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Go see your primary Doctor with your concerns. It could be something like anxiety... which can happen if you are under stressful situations or NOT under stressful situations.. Anxiety just HAPPENS sometimes and it can get really scarry especially if it becomes panic and can show itself in different ways. This can be helped with medication, something like valium is sometimes used, and can often make the symtpoms subside. The other thing is that to make sure its not something more serious you can get something like an MRI of the Brain to make sure its not something more serious like a tumor.

Good luck to you and God Bless, hopefully its something simple and easily managable. Some people with Anxiety only need to be treated for a few months and then will be fine. For others it might be a struggle throughout life... But as I'm not a doctor, its improtant to get in to see him or her to make sure its nothing else or nothing more serious as soon as you can so that you can get this under control and get your life back to normal. You may want to be tested for diabeties as well. This can help be detected by blood tests and looking at your blood sugar. I hope something here helps!