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I'm dental phobic. I went 20 years without seeing a dentist. During that time I tried my best to have excellent oral health. A bad tooth necessitated me going, but not after much suffering (with tooth/mouth pain, because I was too scared--and by now, embarrassed--to find a dentist). Long story, short......my mouth wasn't as bad as I'd dreaded. I did have to have a few procedures, which included scaling. It wasn't so bad! I think I only had a quadrant at a time. Because of my phobia of even GETTING to the dentist (could hardly leave the bathroom on mornings of an appt!), my dentist Rx'd some valium for me to use, which helped get me there. My gums were numbed and it just wasn't that bad--certainly not the horrible experience I'd made it out to be in my head beforehand. Didn't need any painkillers afterward and I'm surprised to hear that some do. I remember she warned me they might be a little sensitive for a few days, but don't recall any (but I was careful with the temps of food I ate). After it was all said and done, my mouth and gums did feel better, so while I didn't think I had any gum issues (no bleeding, etc.), the scaling obviously helped me.

Good luck!