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Hey.. You are still tough! Just going through the pain that you have makes you tougher than most..

When I get an MRI done, I close my eyes, and remember to BREATH.. Then, once I am all of the way in, I tilt my head back, and look at the opening behind me to see that there is room and lots of space.. But if you look straight up, forget it.... I am not closterphobic but I also get very anxious looking straight up in that tube.. Valium will help, but dont forget to do what I just recommended.

My daughter's dr told us the same thing about the open mri, the quality is not as good. He wanted her to have the mri right at the hospital so he would have access to it.

I had my first mri last summer. I thought about having a drink before I left, but I was driving myself there and couldn't do that. I had the dr give my daughter valium before her's but didn't think about that for me. I felt like such a baby. So my daughter sent me with one of her cds, Marroon Five, and the tech put a towel over my eyes and put me in. I was nervous, but the music really helped to take my mind off of it. With the towel over my eyes I couldn't see above me, just down the tube. The bad part for me was that my hands were going numb and at every break I had to try to shake them. Good luck next time. The valium made my daughter very relaxed. cas
You know, I tried tanning in a tanning bed before a Florida vacation a few years ago. I would get so panicky in that tanning bed with the top pulled down within an inch of my face! I remember thinking at the time that I could see why some people have trouble with MRI's.

Well, being of very fair skin and having been severely sun burned in Florida on a previous vacation, I made myself still go tanning to carefully work up a protective tan before the vacation. Finally before we left I could go the whole 20 minutes in the bed without burning or panicking.

I had my first MRI this fall and did just fine with it, no valium needed! And I just had a second one last week and again, no problems. I really think my tanning bed experience paved the way for me to tolerate the MRI.

I'm not suggesting that people go tanning to prep for an MRI, tanning has its own health consequences. But, maybe there are other things people can do to help emotionally prepare themselves before an MRI? Just some food for thought for you guys...