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geez onyx,not enough drama already,lol?sorry i know this isn't funny at all.been there done that.soo an aneurysm,do they think that it may be why you actually suffered that siezure or do they relate that to the med?luckily,4mms is a small one.mine was justa bit bgger than yours but not by much.

the big thing for me when i have to undergo my yearly angios now to check my coiling and when i had to go thru them last year to see if it could be coiled then the actual coiling,talk to the IRs nurse way before hand about how they will help manage your pain.i did and luckily,my IRs nurse was soo wonderful.she had everything in place for me that i personally would need,,which includes having valium at the ready to pop into my IV because of my severe spasticity in my legs from my SCI.lying flat was also going to be one huge problem for me.i also,only because i actually get migrane headaches,is i will always get one when they do that very last dye shot that just goes all the way back (or front depending on how you look at it)they do a 3D pic with that one and it just naturally triggers an instant migrane for me.so now i always bring in my midrin bottle with me and as soon as the pic is done,i take two which is my normal dose.they also had dilaudid injections availiable for me too,which i most definitely also needed just to lie flat for the four hours post angio.i also had to take a really nasty med called mucomyst? this is just to protect my polycystic kidneys from contrast damage.you do not need this unless you have kidney problems or when they do your H and P and your labs before the angio,your creatinine level is out of range.my creatinine wasn't but since i do have a kidney disease,my neph just wanted me to take it.

the best thing to do really is when you speak with the interventional rads nurse,just tell them about your back issues and that you will not be able to actually lie there,they will in most cases,provide you with something to help with the pain or at least sedate you post.you WILL however be under the influence of a lovely mix of fentanyl and versed during the procedure so that will help tons with your back pain during the angio.

now,i don't know about you,but i simply cannot,no matter how flippin bad i have to go,actually use a bed pan,espescially while lying down flat on my back??? so,i ALWAYS have them place a cath in me so i don't even have to go there.this helps tons and it also helps you to just sleep thru the four hour lie on your back crap.otherwise i personally would have been really really miserable.they remove it right before you go.it just takes a ton of hassle out of the whole thing ya know?you are not allowed to actually drink anything after midnight the night before,but you CAN still take your regular meds the morning of with a small amount of water.the thing here is that you WILL be getting hydration from the IV they hook you up to so you WILL have to go potty a couple of times during your episode.the cath really works well for me and may for you too if you don;t want the hassle.that one is up to you.

have they told you whther or not yet if the aneurysm looks coilable or not?sometimes they can tell right away,it all depends on whether the 'neck'or if it even has one,is just right.i was told at first because of the posistion of my aneurysm(it was at a bend in the artery but DID have a neck)that it didn;t 'appear" at the beginning of this nightmare,to look coilable.that really sucked cuz i did not want a clipping surgery.its just wayyy invasive compared to coiling.but luckily for me,i really do have one of the top IRs in our state,hes the trouble shooter guy other IRs call in when they have a problem?his words to me when we did the angio were,'oh hell,i can coil THAT. big whew there let me tell ya.hopefully yours will also be coilable.having that neck tho is very crucial otherwise the coils wont stay tucked inside the aneurysm.

well hopefully i was able to give you some useful info here.if you have any other questions,you know where to find me,K? i will be hoping for the 'neck'.take care Onyx,marcia