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Hey Amy,

Do u have anything to make yourself sleep tonight, like valium or xanax or ambian? I know how u feel, but it will get better. Then you will get to the point where you feel normal and good, but have to tell that little voice in your head that wants to get high to shut the f*** up! :-) I feel lousy too today. I can't believe a few pills would set me back so much physically- diahhrea, chills, it's been like withdrawals all day. Good lord don't slip on those stupid things. Even though they weren't even that fun (more agitating) now I can easily see the trap of how (if I had more and would take them) I know popping one would take the bad feeling away, then it's daily and the tolerance builds up and all of a sudden you need 20 pills a day to seem "normal." Sooo not worth it! And I really should know better. So trying not to beat myself up, but still am a little. :-)
Do u have ice where u live? It's not icy here yet and I'm bummed that i'm gonna have to go to work tomorrow. I hope we get covered in ice and everything has to close! That would be awesome. The kids don't have school so it seems like a reasonable request!

Well, have a good one. Just do your best. When I'm feeling super low with no energy I've made a pot of coffee, drank a red bull, taken mega Vitamin B's (glad the l tyrosine is helping u!!!) and sometimes I've said, oh well yep I feel like crap but I know it takes just 10 minutes to unload those dishes. I'll make myself get up and time it and yea, it usually takes under 10 min to unload, maybe 7 or 8 and less than 10 to load up more. So I'll tell myself that I can be productive for 15 or 20 minutes! Usually that inner self talk will get me going and make me do things I used to feel like I needed the pills' boost to do. Stupid pills, I really hate them right now. Sigh.