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If she has left you with any money, buy a blood pressure tester and test yourself efvery evening while sitting comfortably. If the average for a month is over 140/90 (either number) get on a diuretic another BP med.

Ask you doctor for an Rx for Valium (diazapam)...5 mg./day will work wonders.

The divorce? It will be over when it's over.
Living with a Manic-Depressive must be a true trip to Hell! (I know one who spent and lost his life savings on a "hot stock tip"...he is now so medicated he is zombielike.))
Well guys - I think the stress from this marriage and the now pending divorce may be a big factor on my BP being so high right now. I did go and get a BP tester last night to see what it averages at home for awhile. Also, I'm doing very well at the office without all the stress of the marriage constantly on me which will help to bring me out of this financial hole she dug.

The Valium idea sounds like something I should consider just to take some of the stress away and my mother thought the same. Just her moving out of the house has taken away much of the chaos and that in itself should start to bring it down sooner than later. I'm hope to settle this divorce peacefully sooner than later but with her being in such a manic state right now that may not be possible anytime soon.

Thanks for the feedback.... U&A