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Hello, I wanted to share with you what I have found after much research and trying to find someone to help me. I urge all of you to visit this website: [removed] -- then click on "members". It will ask you to enter your state and then you will get a list of doctors who treat TMJ. I have found one in Syracuse NY who is both an ENT and a dentist. Therefore, if needed, he can perform surgery. He, by all means, tries to avoid surgery and treats TMJ with other measures first, i.e., jaw exercises, ethyl chloride for pain and a NSAID to alleviate the inflammation. Then if it isn't successful, he will do injections into both sides of your jaw. This is where I am at and so far no success. But just some interesting info -- I am a huge wimp and passed out with the injections so he prescribed a valium for me to take just before the next set --about 10 hours after the valium, I could open my mouth to its fullest extent -- it's very stiff, but can be done. I have gone 3 days now on the same valium and still feel relief. I think 1/2 of my TMJ is muscle related and the other half is disc displacement. I am due to have an MRI soon. I would really try to persuade people to not have surgery if they haven't done any other measures of treatment as I have read that surgery only causes more problems down the road, thus creating more surgeries. Try to find someone who really specializes in it. Dr. Sall is who I see and there are many across the country. he has treated it for 20 years and gets 20 new patients every week and guarantees everyone that they he will definitely help each and every one of us. Hope this helps some of you ...

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