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If anyone can help me out here and read this, it could really help me out. About 3 weeks ago I went in for another yearly pap smear, a few days later I did get a call saying I have HPV and they need to do a colposcopy. Well, I am only 18 and had absolutely no clue what a colposcopy was.....until today, I went in for it and wasn't exaclty sure what to expect. I was undressed from waist down and sitting in the room waiting for the doctor when i looked to the table next to me and started reading this instruction sheet on what to expect after it was done, it said i was gonna bleed, couldnt put anything up there..and a bunch of stuff that sounded like this wasnt no regular check up. I started worrying then the dr. came in and i felt like i got slammed with the flu while she told me what was going to happen, i almost threw up i was so scared and felt so sweaty and sick. I was shaking and because my cervix is slightly tilted it hurt while she was messing around trying to see it, she barely had put the vinager on my cervix when she said i had to reschedule and prescribed me valium and advil for next week when they are going to try again. Just the slightest thought of what happens in a colposcopy scares me because pap smears seriously hurt and cramp me up bad enough because my cervix is so sensitive and also because my cervix isnt easy to see (i'm told)!!, i am bleeding some brownish discharge down there and cramping a lil bit they barely did anything. i just can't imagine going through this it makes me cringe. I DEFINATELY would get all 4 of my wisdom teeth cut out again that do this seriously. I am so worried and i cried like an hour after. i just know its going to be painful..for me at least and i'm scared they might have to do another one if the cancer cells are bad. Does anyone have any advice for me and some info on cervical cancer and all this i feel like i'm kinda in this whirl wind i dont understand everything yet and i wonder how bad my cancer cells are and if they will go away. thanks!!!